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The Glimpses of Bhutan Tour is wonderful experience in exploring various interesting facts about the country itself and its superb capital Thimphu. Most of the world travellers who make Bhutan Tour undergo through the experiences of magical legends, breath-taking scenery, unspoiled land, uniquely crafted architecture and probably the gentlest people on earth. In making Bhutan Cultural Tour, travelers will be at such place where the true meaning of cultural authenticity blossom. Governed in isolation for centuries, it is a world in its own guarded from modernization and uncontrolled tourism. In a dream to see the deeper folds of Bhutanese age-old culture, why not embark for Bhutan Insight Tour and get the dreams come true in visiting Thimphu, the capital of mysterious country. Thimphu is situated at a height of over 7600 feet on a hillside in a fertile valley on the banks of the Thimphu Chhu River.


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